Many CrossFit athletes may think yoga is not for them, but this is far from the truth. Several yoga poses can improve flexibility and mobility while helping you improve your form for several exercises.

CrossFit Mobility

Many CrossFit exercises require a certain amount of mobility to maintain good form. Mobility restrictions also hold you back from reaching new personal records as well as your fitness goals. Yoga can help you unlock your joints’ full range of motion. Yoga can also improve your balance and flexibility, allowing you to perform new exercises and improve your performance.

Some poses that can help improve your mobility include:

  • Downward facing dog. This is perhaps one of the most well known yoga positions. This pose is great if you have tight calves that hold you back during box jumps, running, or squats. This pose stretches out the calves allowing for greater mobility, improving explosive exercises such as lifting and squats.
  • Single pigeon. This pose targets several muscles including your thighs, groin, and back. This pose is great for improving how deep you can squat by reducing the tension in your lower body.
  • This pose is challenging, but it is great for stretching your hip flexors. Many well-muscled athletes suffer from tight hip flexors, which can affect their box jumps and running.


Recovery is a significant element to improving your physical fitness. If you are completing CrossFit workouts on a regular basis, you need to rest and recover to avoid injuries. Most CrossFitters perform high-intensity workouts 3-5 days per week. By adding in or supplementing one of those workouts with a yoga session, athletes can experience faster recovery and a relaxed state of mind.

If you are looking to improve your mobility and flexibility or if you cannot seem to reach new PRs, consider trying our yoga class. Contact us today to learn more.