Open Gym

LoCo CrossFit offers several classes on a daily basis but sometimes our CrossFitters want some time for independent training. LoCo CrossFit offers several open gym hours with coaches ready to observe and correct form when necessary to prevent injuries.

Who Benefits from Open Gym Hours?

The most likely individuals to take advantage of open gym hours are experienced CrossFitters. As athletes reach elite fitness levels, regular classes can feel restricting. Open gym hours offers these individuals an opportunity to continue their CrossFit journey without interfering with regular class schedules.

An important note: Experienced CrossFitter does not mean every athlete participating in open gym is a hulking beast. If you’ve been participating in CrossFit classes for 3-6 months and feel ready for some independent training, do not be intimidated by open gym hours. As long as you have a good understanding of proper form and know how to achieve your goals, open gym can serve you well.

How Does Open Gym Work?

Coordinating open gym hours with regular classes can be a logistical headache. To circumvent this issue, LoCo CrossFit balances open gym hours with class hours. We also have a new, 3000 square foot facility for strength and conditioning to offer more space to workout. Coaches are always present during open gym hours. Safety is of utmost importance, so a coach will always be watching and available.