Gym Etiquette

LoCo CrossFit can only provide classes for as long as our box and equipment remain serviceable. That is why we expect all our athletes to treat the equipment as if it is their own. We also take pride in our community and expect all members to treat each other with respect. A CrossFit box can be intimidating to newcomers, so it is important for our experienced athletes to be encouraging and social. Introduce yourself, share equipment when needed, and consider helping beginners work through warm ups and routines.

Safety Guidelines

CrossFit receives negative press from time to time for injuries. Like most sports, almost all of those injuries could have been avoided by following proper safety procedures. Here are some of our safety rules:

  • Do NOT walk in front of someone swinging a kettlebell.

  • Do NOT bench press without a spotter. Check your ego at the door or risk suffocating yourself under it.

  • Do NOT walk in front of someone lifting heavy or attempting a PR.

Equipment Guidelines

  • When first entering our box, take time to learn where and how we store equipment.

  • Return all equipment to its original location. Store plates, kettlebells, and dumbbells by weight. This keeps the box organized and avoids delays during workouts to search for missing equipment or an appropriate size weight.

  • Do NOT drop low-weight or no-weight barbells. This can damage the equipment, rendering it useless for future workouts.

General Guidelines

  • Help us keep our gym clean by disposing of your trash in the appropriate receptacles.

  • Help us help you. Put away your mobile devices and give the coaches your full attention. Keep personal conversations at a low volume so everyone can hear the instructions.

  • Help us keep the gym area a dedicated workout space. Store personal belongings out of the main workout areas and off the floor.