Frequently Asked Questions

I am not in good physical shape—can I still do CrossFit?

CrossFit is for everybody! It does not matter if you’ve never lifted a weight or if you’ve been hitting the gym for years, you can do CrossFit. This is because our coaches can modify any workout to meet your current fitness level. Whether you need to scale down or up, a CrossFit workout should leave you feeling sweaty and accomplished.

How do I get started?

Contact us to schedule a No Sweat Intro. This is a 20-minute session where we will show you around our facilities, observe a class, and discuss your physical fitness goals. We can also schedule you for a Fundamentals class.

Why do I have to take a Fundamentals class before joining regular classes?

The Fundamentals classes will teach you the basic exercises and proper form to prevent injuries. We also take this opportunity to learn more about your current health and fitness so this course is a good time to inform the coaches of any previous or existing injuries. If you are new to our box, but not new to CrossFit, you may be able to test out of Fundamentals.

What should I expect from a typical CrossFit class?

Before each class, you will warm up to prepare for the workout ahead. The coaches will then begin with some mobility work to improve your range of motion. The coaches will also go over that day’s WOD (work out of the day). From there, you will get any equipment you need for the WOD and get to work. Expect to be sweaty by the end! Coaches make sure you follow every workout with a cool down for maximum safety.

I am a female—will CrossFit give me big, bulky muscles?

No, CrossFit will not turn women into the hulk—at least not usually. It is possible to gain massive amounts of muscle (if that is your goal), but it requires a rigorous diet and exercise regimen that most people do not have time for. If you want to get strong and lean, however, CrossFit can help you. While you will not look like a man, it is very plausible that you will be stronger than the average guy with enough time and dedication!

What do all these acronyms mean?

As you progress through your CrossFit journey, these acronyms will become second nature to you. Some of the most common acronyms include:

  • WOD: workout of the day
  • AMRAP: as many rounds/reps as possible
  • AFAP: as fast as possible
  • EMOM: every minute on the minute
  • RX: as prescribed