Drop In

If you are new to CrossFit, you will need to participate in our Fundamentals classes before joining regular classes. For that reason, inexperienced newcomers cannot drop in for regular classes. However, if you are an experienced CrossFitter, you may be able to test out of the Fundamentals classes. Contact us before coming to our box and we can discuss your options. You can also schedule a No Sweat Intro to learn more about our facilities and box culture.

After completing or bypassing the Fundamentals classes, you can join our regular classes. Check out our online schedule for classes that work best for you. We cap each class at 12 individuals, so be sure to sign up ahead of time. We offer various packages for individuals who want personal training as well.

Traveling CrossFitters

As mentioned above, if you are an experienced CrossFitter, you may not need to take our Fundamentals classes. If you are traveling for work or for vacation (or looking for a new box!), contact us about our drop in policy. We want to ensure your safety above all else and discussing your previous CrossFit experience can help us find the right class for you!

What to Expect

If you are dropping in, try to show up 10-15 minutes before the class begins. This will give us an opportunity to show you around our facilities and introduce you to the regulars. We are a welcoming community of athletes and want everyone, existing members and newcomers alike, to feel comfortable with their environment as they workout. However, not all CrossFit boxes are alike. We may do things differently than your box, so do not hesitate to ask if you have questions.