CrossFit Summer Camp

Make summer camp fun again! At our camp, your children will spend their days learning basic and specialized fitness knowledge. Our summer camp helps foster a love of exercise at an early age. We blend fun with fitness to ensure your child is always learning but never bored. A typical day at LoCo CrossFit summer camp can feature:

  • Obstacle courses that hone skills like coordination, strength, and dexterity
  • Nutrition challenges to foster teamwork and improve dietary knowledge
  • Interactive daily workouts (WODs)

Our summer camp encourages your child to improve his or her knowledge of fitness and nutrition. We provide a safe environment where your child can engage in friendly competition while improving their health and fitness.
Our camp is not your average, boring summer camp. Your child will want to come every day. We teach measurable skills, and your child’s fitness abilities and nutritional knowledge will flourish under our direction.
Our camp instructors are CrossFit certified and put your child’s safety above all else. To learn more about our CrossFit summer camp, contact us today.