40 and Over

Turning forty does not mean the end of your fitness journey. If you find yourself entering your middle age years with regrets about your physique, CrossFit can help you address them. However, our bodies do change over time. Do yourself a favor and adjust your mentality and expectations.

Keeping Up with Younger CrossFitters

You may be asking yourself if it is possible to achieve the same gains as a person a decade younger than you are. In general, yes—it will just take longer. Where it may take individuals in their twenties about twelve weeks to see massive improvements, those in their late thirties and early forties will take about two months longer.

Quality Coaches are Key

It is true that you have to adjust your approach to exercise as you age. You may require more time to recover or you may find it takes longer to achieve measurable gains. It is also harder to retain your gains without consistent work. However, you should not let your age scare you into inactivity. Joining a CrossFit box with qualified coaches can help you reach new levels of fitness without risking injuries.

Middle Aged CrossFit Newcomers

Whether you have experience working out or you are just starting your fitness journey, CrossFit is for you. You do not have to be in fantastic physical shape to join our CrossFit box. To get started, schedule a free No Sweat Intro to learn what LoCo CrossFit is all about and how we can help you. From there, you can take part in our Fundamentals program. This program will teach you the foundation exercises with a focus on good form. This is crucial to injury prevention.

Middle Aged CrossFit Experts

If you have been participating in CrossFit classes for years, your changing physical abilities may seem like cause for alarm. Do not fret—it may take you longer to achieve gains or you may need longer to recover, but all hope is not lost. Maintain a good balance of exercise intensity and recovery to avoid injuries and continue to progress on your fitness journey.